Quality construction award

’Vuoden parhaat ARA-neliöt’ award



Asumisen rahoitus- ja kehittämiskeskus (ARA)


Award design


I was honored to design and make the “Vuoden parhaat ARA-neliöt” award.

ARA rewards quality construction with a prize that is a tile to be attached to the building. Each tile is a unique work done by a young Finnish designer or artist for an award-winning building. This year the prize goes to Heka Mellunmäki Pyhätunturintie 2 by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects.

I wanted the prize to be simple, yet vivid, so that it would also be a joy to the residents who might see it on a daily basis. The strong architecture of the building also created a desire to raise the tile from flat to three-dimensional. The folds and openings inspired by the balcony railings create a play of light and shadow, and the tile looks different when viewed from every direction. The glass divides and connects the work and you can see indications of the graphic wall surfaces as well as the connection of the two buildings.

Helping hand in making:  Kimmo Kukkonen and Pekka Koponen

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala

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