Courtyard terrace and intimate cocktail club

Babylon Club & Garden

Helsinki, Finland


Katang MGMT,


Art Direction
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Interior Styling
Social Media

Babylon Club & Garden – a night club and terrace located in a neo-Renaissance palace in the center of Helsinki. I’ve got to be involved in a variety of ways since the early stages of the process when the concept was being born.

My main responsibility was creating a visual identity, branding and graphic design. Both sides – club and terrace, have slightly different identities to match their unique atmospheres. I designed the logo, illustrations and various printing materials, such as menus and posters. In addition to that I’m also responsible for their social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram).

Interior design concept is by KOKO3. My role was styling and staff guidance as well as taking care of the original plans in the final phase of the project.

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