Development of the practices and furnishing of the Finnish mobile bird cleaning unit

Thesis project



WWF Finland,


Policy redesign
Interior design

My thesis covered the development of the practises and furnishing of a mobile bird cleaning unit belonging to the Finnish oil spill response equipment. The mobile bird cleaning unit built in three standard-sized sea containers hadn’t yet been used in a real oil spill situation, but development had been identified through training and education activities. The practices of the bird cleaning unit also had to be adapted to the guidelines developed by the international EUROWA network.

The mobile bird cleaning unit was examined as a work environment that is used to promote activities that prevent environmental damage and to act in an oil accident. The interiors and their functions were improved by means of interior architecture from an ergonomic point of view through user-oriented and multidisciplinary co-design.

The outcome of the design process was a concept-level plan with the re-evaluated operating principles and furnishings of the parts of the Finnish mobile bird cleaning unit. 

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