Fresh design surrounded by vintage classics

Glass (& Ceramics) of 2021

Helsinki, Finland


Artek 2nd Cycle,


Exhibition design, organizing & building

Glass (& Ceramics) of 2021 exhibition represents curated glass and ceramic pieces by a group of students from Lahti Institute of Design. 

The participants of the exhibition and the exhibition design team were Netta Kandelin, Pilvi Martikainen, Annette Kinnunen, Karla Aaltonen and Katarina Westerlund. Other participants were Turkka Taipale, Reetta Reinikainen, Natasha Churchill, Ronja Kortelainen and Venla Huhtinen.

My role included working in almost every area of the process. Such as contacting and organizing together with Artek staff, media bank and RSVP, designing and setting up the exhibition.

Poster design: Timo Sulkamo

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