Brightening of the brand image and personalized store design with custom furniture

Mine Güngör

Helsinki, Finland


Mine Güngör,


Interior design
Furniture design
Marketing materials

I designed and created the Finnish jewelry brand Mine Güngör's new store and the furniture when they moved to a new location. All store furniture was renewed and the aim was to make the brand look more cohesive.

The company's products are very spectacular, and therefore a bold and colorful touch was also desired for the look of the store. The custom made furniture are designed to emphasize the products by using color blocking – which is the main theme in the look of the entire 15m² store.

In addition to store design, I participated in making a stop motion fashion film for company's advertising use. We designed and scripted the film together with the photographer. My role also included various producer tasks, such as taking care of filming arrangements and briefing.

Helping hand in building furniture: Miika Lahdentausta

Nelly Tulimäki / Nelly Julia Design
Fashion film
Filming and editing: Jussi Kandelin
Location: East Creative Studio
Models: Jenna Rönkkö & Netta Kandelin

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