The entire manufacturing process from rubbish to product

Muovin tarina - roskasta tuotteeksi

Espoo, Finland


City of Espoo,


Graphic design
Exhibition design
Muovin tarina – roskasta tuotteeksi is a project looking for uses for mixed waste plastics as outdoor furniture.

Together with another design intern in the project, Heidi Ahola,  we designed an exhibition concept. We divided the responsibilities so that she focused on exhibition architecture and I on graphic design according to the guidelines of the City of Espoo.

More about the material research and product design can be found here.

Graphic design

The target group of the exhibition is people of all ages and it should reach children in particular.

As the topic is very technical and difficult to understand, I created funny illustrations of the different stages of our process to support the texts.

We also decided to present the technical drawings illustrated in the same way so that the whole remains coherent.

Exhibition design

The purpose of the exhibition is to be an easy-to-operate entity for one person. It should be adaptable to different spaces. Together we designed the basic idea of the exhibition and the content. The exhibition presents the processing of plastic in the so-called a timeline showing a concrete sample and a plan describing the step as illustration and text. In addition to the timeline, the designed products and possibly existing recycled plastic products are presented.

Photos from the exhibition at Villa Elfvik, Espoo.
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