Delicate wallflower

‘Petal’ wall light

School project


Luminaire design
Product design


Powder coated aluminium & steel
3D printed PETG-plastic
Petal is a classically beautiful and timeless wall light. The soft indirect light it produces creates a pleasant atmosphere in both public spaces and the home environment. By changing the shades of the exterior surfaces, the luminaire can be made into numerous different variations. The design also allows it to be scaled to the entire product family.

Brief was to design the luminaire from a plate-like material. Numerical work also had to be used in the plan. I chose to create a wall light because I found it a little challenging. The simple lightly bent petal-like elements formed a beautiful play of light and shadow, and the light source does not dazzle when viewed from any direction. The technology itself is included in the 3D printed box, from which the luminaire is also hung. The plastic part is also easy to remove at the end of the product's life, making it easier to recycle.

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