Highlight your treasures

‘Pond’ light

School project


Luminaire design
Product design


Hand blown glass
Ash, oak, pine
Pond is a table light to which you can add your most beautiful treasures or flowers. Three different pieces creates unique moods and looks beautiful, whether the light is on or off.

The glass part of the luminaire was blown into a CNC cutted wooden mold. The shape had to allow it to be varied by cold working into two or more different models. 

I wanted the table light to be a showcase piece in the home environment, highlighting the selected elements that can be added to it. Warm wooden stand makes a great pair for glass and hides the light source. The bottom of the glass part follows the shape of the light source, but alleviates the dazzle of light with different coloring and texture methods. 

Glassblower: Kaappo Lähdesmäki
Helping hand in woodwork: Miika Lahdentausta

Studio photos: Anne Kinnunen
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