Hand-cast glass bricks as part of the furniture

‘Poni’ table

Cast glass project


Furniture design
Mold design
Glass casting


Cast glass
Painted metal
In the early stages of my glass studies, I became excited about the idea of creating a table composed of cast glass bricks and metal. My choice was based on to the slightly tasteless reputation of glass bricks and my preference for undulating glass and surfaces that play with light. Leveraging the interaction between hot glass and metal, I created a texture that reflects these preferences.

The project, known as the "Poni" table, required a long and laborious process. The undulating bottom surface of the glass bricks forms a regularly irregular pattern, and the tabletop rests on a simple metal frame.

Although each stage brought uncertainties, I’m extremely satisfied with the end result. While I may not undertake a similar brick slab again, I plan to continue experimenting with the same structure in the future.

Mold making: Ikata metal department
Implementation of the metal structure: Aaro Vehmas

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